Mission 139 - Rescue Alvarez

Mission 139 - Rescue Alvarez

A meet with Donovan, always an unnerving pleasure, then drive all the way out to the south end of the map.

Deal with a handful of guards all looking the wrong way to get to the place where Alvarez has holed up. Activate the door to start a cut scene. Come back and fight your way to the road.

Pick off enemies as they arrive- there are a few explosive barrels here and there. As soon as you can, break for the ruins and the extreme left, and then work your way around the left side of the house toward the north.

Eliminate any goons left standing, then call in a car, or grab Alvarez' (if it's there- sometimes a bug disappears it).

You're going to have run a couple of blockades and deal with a large number of pursuers, so choose accordingly. The Traviata or Armored Majesty are both good choices, depending on your playstyle. Don't be afraid to offroad a bit to bamboozle the enemy.

Loose the goons and make your way to Father James.

Immediately after this mission concludes, reenter his house for a special conversation about the rise of Sal Marcano. Then it's back to Donovan to arrange the takedown of Tommy.

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