Mission 14 - Kill Merle's Pimps

Mission 14 - Kill Merle's Pimps

The Voice will set you hunting down and killing the Dixie pimps. The Rooster is closest, pretty much just a brief jog away.

This one actually looks harder than it is. The weird thing to get used to is that the civilians milling around really don't care about anything you do.

Jog in through the open gate, past the couple making out in the bushes, and punch out the guard. See, nobody cares. The other guards are all separated from each other by various makeshift walls and barriers- Use Intel View to take them out, making your way to Rooster for the final kill.

If you cleaned out the club thoroughly, this should be enough to trigger the end of the racket mission. But if you left some money behind, or you want to make some more, head south to take out the second pimp- 'Dirty' Gert (Who was also a Garbage Pail Kid, I think).

Achievement Alert- Taking out both pimps is your first chance to earn the 'Softened 'Em Up' Achievement, but not your last.

Again, the hookers and johns don't give two bits for what you're up to, so pull up out front, use the cars in the lot for cover, and punch out the parking lot sentry.

The next enemy is partying it up in the courtyard. If you're fast, you can choke him out and retreat while the other guards aren't paying attention. This time, the civvies will react to you taking someone down in their midst, but their panic doesn't alert any hostiles. Head up the stairs of the western balcony, and knock out the guards one by one, ducking into the room if you're close to be being spotted. Then double back north, back down to the parking lot, and take out the guard beating up someone in the south lot. Then it's up the stairs, and a balcony attack encore.

The last room is Gert's- jimmy the door and take him out. He has a Manitou sniper rifle, if you're in the market, and a bag of cash under the sink in the bathroom. Take it, and any other loose currency around the motel that's not already yours, then head home before bopping back to the Voice.

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