Mission 140 - Kill Tommy Marcano

Mission 140 - Kill Tommy Marcano

Gear up before heading out- things will get bloody. The toughest fights will be at middle-long range, with a lot of enemies in cover. Like the riverboat, you'll be consistently de-stealthed by your surroundings, so focus on a very accurate pistol and a favorite assault rifle.

A lot of driving point-to-point at the beginning, but when you finally reach the Acadia, follow the objectives to get into the ring for your first match.

As minigames go, the boxing is pretty simple. Keep flurrying with [Q], and when the enemy starts to attack, hit [LEFT ALT] to counter, and then flurry [Q] some more. Even the champ'll never lay a glove on you. p>

You have the choice to work the crowd or insult it, but this doesn't seem influence anything, so follow your fancy. After, there's rope-fraying minigame. Lincoln in his white tanktop, I had flashbacks to FF7. Regardless, this is an easy one to flub if you're looking in the wrong place. Do NOT pay attention to the ropes- just use [W] and [S] to work them up and down, while keeping an eye on the goon. When you've worked the ropes enough, there'll be a very brief [Q] prompt on the goon- hit it to take him down.

Take out these guards and then Tommy himself to trigger a cutscene, followed by one loooong fight. Emerge from the printing room to take out two goons (who are immediately alerted to your presence, as are all enemies from here on out).

Round the next corner for a single shotgunner. As you approach the stadium, half a dozen goons will appear. They take cover in the seats, and the long range enemies are hidden by the smoke. Take them out from the doorway, using Intel View to snipe the distant ones, and molotovs to flush the few that refuse to come out of cover.

When most or all of them are dealt with, advance to the near crate and then immediately fall back to the doorway again as another half a dozen guys enter the game. They have good angle on you and scramble away quickly from explosives.

If you can tag a few with a hucked grenade, it's worth it, otherwise pick your moment and then sprint for the stairs dead ahead of you, breaking left at the top to cover behind the bar.

You should be able to take a couple guys from here as they advance on you. Clear some breathing room, then jog down into seats to pick up the medpack. Continue up west, and watch for alerts of more enemies entering from the north. Carefully pick them apart- you've still got a long way to go. When they're cleared, take a moment to pick up any ammo or loot you want- you're about to lose access to this area. Head forward, and an explosion rocks the place. Kill the incapacitated guards before they recapacitate, but note the mob waiting up ahead.

Kick open the doors and immediately take cover. The guys firing at you first will be taken out in an explosion, but plenty more guys where that came from. They'll move to flank you from the right, while the sniper dead ahead tries to punch a hole in your skull. This is another good spot for grenades as a quick way to thin enemy numbers while remaining in cover.

Work your way through those guys, and the rank hanging out behind them. Gather ammo- there should be plenty, and the med kit from the next little antechamber as you move forward.

Two guys attack as you near the stairs, one hangs back. Deal with them from a distance, fall back for ammo from the boxing ring if you need it, then crest the stairs for another wave of three.

And that's it! Run for the street, and hop in the car that's waiting for you. Police immediately converge- take a hard right to avoid the closest cars, then book it west along the water until pursuit dies away. After a cutscene, you return to the bayou to divvy up the last piece of the pie. This one's Vito's - he's been patient and he's earned it. If you've followed this guide, all the underbosses will now tell you what an awesome guy you are, and express surprise that any or all of you are still alive. The city is yours, and nothing stands between you and Sal Marcano.

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