Mission 16 - Racket:Smack

Mission 16 - Racket:Smack

Cassandra really has cleaned up the place- oh the voodoo that she do. You'll get a new throwable weapon and new mission: Smack. Clean up any cash piles you didn't get when the place was hostile. You can also pick up some electronics in the closed garage off the parking lot if you haven't already, then go meet Donovan (You'll notice that all the cars in the alley are now nice, new station wagons. Hm).

Donovan meets you at the bus stop, and gives you the down-low on wiretapping, junction boxes, and a new type of collectible- the communist propaganda posters. After he leaves, crowbar open the box here as you would any other lock, and install the wiretap. This will give you a brief slug of story-relevant audio, and allow you to see collectibles and other items of import on your minimap.

Achievement Alert: This gives you the nonmissable achievement 'Standard Communication Grid.'

You now know that the electronics you've been collecting are TL-49 fuses, and they're extremely handy, but don't obsess about collecting every last one. There's no achievement or reward for doing so, and there are more fuses in the city than you can possibly use.

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