Mission 18 - Kill Charlie's Enforcers

Mission 18- Kill Charlie's Enforcers

Time for a little more free-wheeling mayhem, starting with Doug 'Hatchet' Marcheti. Approach from the northwest. There are two guards in the alley here, but you can avoid them by climbing the back fence, which will also give you a good view of the battlefield.

Drop into the yard and take out the guy the couch, then doubleback to the alley to take out the guard by the gate, and the one last guard just ambling around the alley.

Return to the yard, ignoring the house for now, and stealth the guard, then the sentry. The civilians will continue to squawk, but no hostiles will be alerted. This just leaves Doug, wandering around his house unguarded. Slip inside and wait til you have clear shot at his back- it shouldn't take long.

A few heroin crates here will introduce to the concept of 'Targets of Opporunity' - another way to damage a racket. Take out the one here and in the backyard (scooping up the cash from the poker table along the way. Leave through the alley and bear northwest where you'll see a junction box. Wire it up before moving onto target #2- Deacon Caruso.

Again, it's a good idea to get a vantage of the place from wading in. Plenty of the roofs around here have stair access, so make use of one or two.

When you're ready, use the staircase to the left of the back gate to enter the compound via the rooftops. Whether you go stealth or go loud, your best bet to lure enemies into the maze of crates and walls in the north leg of the compound. Even if enemies are on full alert and actively hunting you, the terrain here will tend to break them up for one-by-one disposal. The only enemy who doesn't seem to fall for this is Deacon himself. When his henchman are toast, advance from cover to the cover toward the middle of the yard, and gun him down when he charges.

Collectible Alert - Deacon's garage has the album art for Eddie Floyd's Knock on Wood

Before leaving the area, you can also collect some cash, destroy the Targets of Opportunity, and grab an Adrenaline shot from a locked door on the far side of the killing yard.

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