Mission 19 - Destroy Charlie's Heroin

Mission 19 - Destroy Charlie's Heroin

Donovan points you to Charlie's heroin stash and- well, the mission title pretty much spells out your intentions.

The target here is very well guarded, so follow your own advice from way back in your Haitian-hunting days, and approach from the water. The boathouse has some cash and an Adrenaline shot if you're running dry.

There's two guards in the back chatting about their reproductive troubles- wait for them to split, then take them one by one.

The next bit is a judgment call- there a ton of guards and sentries out front. You can slip into the building- leaving them alive and potentially dangerous later, or try to take them out from behind. If you do opt for confrontation and things go bad, the garage just to your left is an excellent defensible position, and even has a tac vest handy. There's also a sniper perch accessible by ladder on the east church wall, if you prefer a simpler form of slaughter.

Whichever you choose, enter the church when ready, jimmy the door, and sneak in. The employees won't pay attention, and the only guard here is busy chatting up one of the ladies. Get behind him for an easy take down, then clear out the backrooms of cash and goodies, including a weapon cabinet. Come back to the main room, smash up the crates, and then head out for a meet with Donovan. If you walk straight there, you can pass through another abandoned church for more loose cash


Collectible Alert: There's a Vargas painting in the office here. This should be painting of 4 of 4 in Del Ray Hollow, if you've been following this walkthrough.

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