Mission 20 - Confront 'Four Finger' Charlie Kincaid

Mission 20- Confront 'Four Finger' Charlie Kincaid

Note: If you've held off on placing your wiretaps, do that BEFORE accepting this mission, or you may not be able to recruit Charlie.

Your efforts have paid off, and Charlie is out in the open, ready for takedown. You'll be returning to the church where you destroyed the heroin and, as before, a water approach is best. There'll be one guard in the boathouse this time, but it's always easy to sneak up on a lone guard.

Follow the same general path as last time The sentries are little more free-roaming now, so you migth have to tail them for a bit to get in a good kill position. When you've cleared the yard, try to lure the guards at front door back down along the east side of the church, where you can neutralize them away from prying eyes.

Once you've cleared the entrance, step inside to knock out two more guards- they're usually in separate rooms, but mind your lines of sight, so as not to trigger a call for reinforcements. Once they're down, you've got a clear shot to the bossman himself.

As is standard- inflict damage until he's grabbable, then [Q] him into submission, before welcoming him into your mob. Call Cassandra, and her people instantly go to work making the place yours.

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