Mission 21 - Kill Ritchie Doucet

Mission 21 - Kill Ritchie Doucet

This is a long, grueling level compared to what's come before- make sure you have your favorite weapons and a decent amount of ammo and accessories before heading in.

When you're ready, make for the front gate, then bear left. There's a bit of scaffolding with a ladder here. It's entirely possible you haven't had Lincoln climb a ladder yet, but you can do this by getting close and pressing [SPACE].

Climb into the magical fantasyland of Baron Saturday's, and let the 'fun' begin.

This abandoned amusement park has been turned into a killing field by The Joker  Arcade  Three Competing Groups of Raiders Ritchie Doucet. It's broken into little sections, so if you do break stealth (and I'm about to recommend you do), you'll only alert the enemies in that section, not the whole park.

Climb to the top of the scaffolding, and let the two guys split up before picking off the one who remains. There's a couple of rifles up here, and a clean line of fire, so unless you're super-committed to the stealth lifestyle, go ahead and start picking off goons, starting with the two closest on your left, and then those dumb enough to run full tilt into sniper fire. Given your gun accuracy this early in the game, you'll probably run out of bullets before you run out of baddies. No big- remember to pick up whatever heavy gun you brought into the park, and descend the scaffolding (no special key press required to go down ladder).

You can loot the bodies of your snipees for a little extra pocket money, then proceed to the carousel for a good old fashioned shoot out. Don't be afraid to use up ammo here- you'll encounter lots of gun-toting enemies in the near future, and if you're worried about running dry of your favorite ammo, just grab a dropped gun, empty it, and reclaim your chosen weapon. There also weapon cabinets to help out, including one in the building to the right of the carousel, across from the Crazy Gator.

Use the carousel fence and the garbage cans as a continuous source of cover, prioritizing the machine-gunners as targets. This is easiest if you work counter-clockwise along the carousel wheel- you can even use takedowns on the more eager goons that try to rush you.

When you clear the area (grabbing the Hartman rifle from the weapon cabinet, if you like), enter the clown mouth [shudder] and follow your objective. There's a Barker 390 on the shooting gallery counter as you pass by, and an Adrenaline Shot by the restrooms.

Crouch by the entry to the next ride and whistle over the guards so you can take them down one by one as they round the corner. A little tedious, but extremely effective, and also a handy source of ammo.

Enter the corral and whistle-takedown the pair of guards here using the low walls around the bumper cars. Whistle-takedown the pair just outside the bumpers cars, too. In fact, you can keep on whistling for Dixies all the way to the spinning boat ride, which is a fight almost exactly like the merry-go-round fight a few minutes back. The difference is that goons will be throwing molotovs, so be ready to switch cover quickly. You can also turn the tables by grabbing molotovs of your own from the table to the west, just right of the concession stand.

Clear out the rest of these yahoos, grabbing a medkit from the left side of the concession stand if you need it, and follow the objective marker. There are three enemies here, all in straight row, and as these are the last enemies in the area, I recommend simply advancing cover to cover and taking them out with your pistol.

That done, it's time to enter the Bayou Beast. Like many scarehouse levels, this one is distracting, but not hard. The enemy ai seems more confounded by the situation than you, so put them out of there misery with some one-by-one takedowns. Check the minimap frequently to avoid heading into dead ends or false paths. If you do raise the alarm, note that the cardboard props are not hard cover, and can be blown apart by enemy bullets.

You'll soon catch up with Ritchie in an office atop a mouth of madness.

You can't hurt him from down here, so clear the floor-level guards, wait until he's reloading, then charge the mouth. Ignore the props and go up the stairs. Ritchie is holed up here with a few guards that didn't show up on Intel View before, so once you open the door, immediately duck back into cover, then open fire with your heavy gun (it's not a bad idea to keep a finger near the heal button, in case you get a bad break during their initial barrage).

Once you've done enough damage, you can finally give this joker the beating he so richly deserves. Get past his defenses with a brutal attack to knock him clear out of play and into the chapter finale cutscene.

Achievement Alert: this gives the non-missable achievement 'Pray on the Way Up'

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