Mission 24 - We Partners Now

Mission 24- We Partners Now

Before getting chummy with the man himself, scope out his territory, and wire up the junctions boxes visible on the minimap. Save the one near Vito's quest marker for last.

You can do them in any order, of course, but one sample tour is to south after the bridge to large brick building, a briefly trespass to install the wiretap. Cross the street to grab fuse from next to dumpster, then south to the next box, by a riverside shack. The next junction is east, behind a small brick building, but if you go on foot through the river shacks you'll see a large number of fuses ripe for the taking. Head north to Dominic's Sugar plant for a tap, then north again to Rigolet's - you can grab a fuse near the front entrance, but don't linger. There's a cluster back in the heart of town- behind a small garage, a brief trespass off River Row, one north behind a small brick building across from a Lousiana Shipping company, and finally Vito's

Going after this last one will trigger the mission proper.

Vito's place is swarming with goons- if you want to go stealth, keep in mind there are several entrances to the pier from the water. The water is also a good place to go if you find yourself in a losing firefight- you can swim to safety and resurface elsewhere to outflank enemies.

There are also a lot of flammable gas canisters scattered around- good for blowing up enemies, but watch that you don't take cover by one- particularly when the molotovs are flying.

Mop up the enemies here and head inside Benny's. If you're sure you've got them all, go ahead and tap that last junction box too.

Collectible Alert: There's a Vargas painting just inside the door, on the floor behind the counter.

Head to the back and free Vito. You'll walk out of the cutscene with Vito's support and access to his consigliere, along with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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