Mission 26 - Sabotage The Union Trailers

Mission 26 - Sabotage The Union Trailers

There are three trailers to take out, in three corners of the zone. Let's take it from the top.

Northeast Trailer: You can whistle away a few hostiles from the main entrances, but the best approach for a stealth is the locked blue door at the northwest side of the site

(there's also an entrance via sewer from the river even further northwest, but your entry point is slightly weaker).

Head up the stairs to your left to loot the office, including a tac vest. Keep an eye on the far door- sometimes guards will wander through here.

If they don't come by on their own, you can whistle them up, including a nearby sentry. Double back past the door you entered from, and take out the guard by the gate. Wait for the trailer sentry here to emerge onto his little porch, whistle him over, and take him out too.

Now mount the stairs to the sniper perch. The sniper here is too far away to whistle over, but if you hug the wall you can sneak up close enough for a takedown.

He drops a Hartman rifle, and has a Manitou leaning behind his chair, if you didn't bring a rifle of your own. Now's a good as time as any to clean house- just be sure to start with the last sentry in the building across the way. With him down, every one else will run into the yard, and the sign letters in front of you make dandy screening. Take 'em all out. Be aware of the guards by the northeast gate, who sometimes aren't drawn out by the chaos, and may surprise you later.

When it's all over, descend the steps, enter the trailer, and torch it. You do this by activating the objective and watching Lincoln place the igniter. Then just walk anywhere a short distance from the trailer and Lincoln will automatically trigger it.

Be sure to loot the north building before you go, for some choice weapons, tons of loose changes, and two bags of cash (and again, that's racket cash).

Collectible alert: Vargas painting in the office here, again across from a tiny pyramid of cash.

Southeast Trailer:

Much simpler than the last trailer- approach from the north by the river, and use the ol' lure-everyone-'round-the-corner-with-a-whistle-trick.

This will leave one or two guards who are easily picked off, and you free to complete your objective.

Northwest Trailer: Ain't nothing but a handful of guys here. Sneak around back, through the chainlink gate at the east of the zone.

Use the boats and timber piles to lure & ambush the nearer guards, then sneak into the trailer and lure in anybody else (it's not strictly necessary to take out all the guards but it is.... tidy. On the other hand, if you're trying to play pacificistish, keep in mind that any unconscious bodies in the trailer are about to go up in smoke).

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