Mission 27 - Kill Union Enforcers

Mission 27 - Kill Union Enforcers

Achievement Alert: this your first chance to obtain the 'I'm Goin' In!' Achievement, by doing all these missions except killing the enforcers, who will then turn up in the final fight. You can also snag this achievement later, by busting up any other rackets without killing the enforcers first.


Kill Bubs Albano

Sneak around the building to the north. As with many long, skinny areas, lure hostiles to you one at a time and dispatch them by hand. Bubs will be the second or third one in line, but you might as well clear out the rest, as long as you're here...

There are also a few bundles of cash lying around here, after the killing's done.


Kill Stitch Gallo

Gallo seems to be into the fight club scene, but a few whistle-lures will thin the ranks of his clubbers considerably. You'll probably need to switch to guns to take out the Sentry by the trailer and the man himself- the challenge is not in the killing, but in not slaughtering the union workers at the same time. Unless that's your thing.

There's cash and a fuse in the trailer here, along with a little note about Grecco's dealings with the unions.

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