Mission 3 - A Taste of the Action

Mission 3 - A Taste of the Action

When the intro cutscene ends, the tutorial will tell you how to set objectives and waypoints. You can use this opportunity to practice your driving, but once you're done trying out your new wheels, head to Sammy's Bar as shown on the map. As before, black signs will guide you, and the green sign indicates your goal. Get out of the car, open the bar door and walk into an extended cutscene.

When the narrative clears, follow your objective marker downstairs to bed.

Collectible Alert- On the way, you can't miss the Playboy bunny icon to pick up the August 1964 issue, lying on the desk. Nearby, on the other side of the east pillar is a Vargas print.

The last thing to note before falling asleep is that giant safe against the far wall. You can't do anything with it now, but it will be important later.

Cutscene walk upstairs, cutscene, and into the next chapter.

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