Mission 32 - Interrogate Roy's Guards

Mission 31 - Interrogate Roy's Guards

This is going get a little more complicated than just interrogation. The initial situation is two guys talking in a diner. Wait until the waitress has gone into the back, and ideally no else is inside. Brutal takedown the non-informant, stunning the guy you really want and getting his intel.

Spare him and then, if anyone's witnessed your mayhem, sprint south toward the medical van, and out of the police search area.

If you want to liberate this vehicle for Father James, you're probably going to have kill every man in the place.

Standard wait-around-a-corner tactics will work, if you're willing to gun down a surprisingly large number of reinforcements (trench machine gun recommended), but you can arrange a more elegant execution by sneaking inside through the side door (street side, behind the brick wall) and climbing the stairs to the indicated sniper perch. As per usual, a rifle has been conveniently provided for you. As long as you take out the sentries first, all other carnage is pure gravy. This actually not a bad spot to try for the Recruited to 5th SFG achievement

Wade through the bodies to collect the significant cash holdings, as well as a tac vest and Adrenaline Shot, which will probably be welcome at this point. You can also destryot a few Targets of Opportunity to increase damage to the racket.

Collectible Alert: There is a Vargas painting in the main office.

Open the gates by nudging (or ramming) them with the Courant, then hop in the truck and go. It's a long drive in a sluggish tub of a vehicle, and your route takes you through some of the highest density police presence in New Bordeaux. So don't start jumping curbs and running lights. Just take it slow until you reach the objective.

Pull into Father James' driveway to drop off the goods and complete the mission.

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