Mission 35 - Get Michael Grecco

Mission 35 - Get Michael Grecco

You've gained Vito's trust, which should give you a warm feeling inside. You've also gained access to his hit squad, which may be handy, as he informs you that Sal's retaliation squads will be looking for some payback soon. Something to look forward to.

Meet up with Vito to trigger a chase scene. Failing this chase is a game over, but Grecco tends to follow the same route each time, so if you do have to repeat, at least you already have a leg up. If you have trouble gunning him down, the simplest way to take him is to stick close until he gets on the highway, then grind him into the barrier (actually, you can knock him clear over the barrier, but the game doesn't quite accept this turn of events)

Now you go from chaser to chased. If you are on the highway, just go straight, fullspeed, and you'll be out of harm's way in no time. The moment you clear the police zone, you'll get the nod to return to Vito's. Just follow roads without attracting police attention, and you'll sail smoothly into Vito's garage, and an extended cut scene.

Achievement Alert: Completing this mission gives you the non-missable achievement 'Fish Gotta Eat'

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