Mission 36 - Cut and Run

Mission 36 - Cut and Run

As always, it's just good protocol to wiretap a zone before beginning operations. All junction boxes here should be accessible, though you'll have to bust the head of one guard on the westmost point before you have a clear run at it. From there head north on foot, wiretap, and north again, plucking fuses from various trailer parks. Head east toward the light house- this next box is semi-deep in enemy turf, but there should be no guards on the side of the building with the junction. Easy in, easy out. West again, then south, then to the one near Burke's mission point, which is also lightly enemied. Choke out the guy on the balcony overlooking the box, then nip south for one last box, and Point Verdun's comm grid is yours

To trigger the mission proper, go to the indicated bar, then round the back of the bar. You'll wind up trying to intimidate Burke through reckless driving, Kurgan-style. All the cops have apparently taken the night off, so go crazy, but the main thing is to keep up speed- as long as you don't crash to a stop, the danger bar will keep rising until quest completion.

Things that fill it faster are near-misses, collisions (even with pedestrians), and jumps, but the safest of these are sideswipes as you weave into oncoming traffic, again careful to avoid crashes that will bring you to a halt.

Get out once he's sufficiently convinced of your... well, of your whatever, and the mission's done.

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