Mission 39 - Interrogate Bootleggers

Mission 39 - Interrogate Bootleggers

There are two bootleggers to choose from- you only need to interrogate one, so head for the closest. This'll keep you near the next objective as well.

He's hanging out in alley with an awful lot of goons, so it looks like it's time for little whistle punching. Move in from the west, starting with the guard at the fence. You'll have to advance cover by a few feet for the first three guys, but since the fourth guy is the informant, no big.

Pick off the rest if you like, and grab the fuse down the north end of the alley if you haven't yet, but then it's off to rob a cop bar.

Which turns out to be like stealing candy from a baby. Slip down the alley, and whistle-kill the non-uniform lurking out back. The two cops will wander off and turn their backs, giving you a clear shot at the locked back door.

Jimmy it open, dispatch the lone guy standing next to the cash, and scoot back the way you came. Don't forget to have your consigliere swing by to take that all cash off your hands.

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