Mission 40 - Kill Bever's Enforcers

Mission 40 - Kill Bever's Enforcers

Dean 'Dino' Barbaro- If you're feeling particularly stealthy or gutsy, sneak through the wine shop here (it's marked with a bottle on the minimap) when the owner's in the office- the rear door leads straight to Dino, who likely has his back turned.

If you mess up the stealth bit, the sentry will sound the alert, but you can run back the way you came and be long gone before reinforcements show, or make a stand with the crates here for cover (reinforcements don't use the wineshop for entry). There's also a fuse in the alley here.

Caesar DeAngelis- You may remember this place from your wiretapping work. The same sniper is on the same stairway, and that's your best bet in- jump the fence and knock him out the same way as before.

He's carrying a Manitou, but the ranges here are so close you're better off with a trench or other machinegun for wetwork. Whistle kill-the sentry, then blow the guys on the lower floor away, including CD. One of your new grendades should account for the truck outside, and regular small arms fire will explode the many Targets of Opportunity within.

There's also a fuse here you can only pick up if you're standing on top of a box.

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