Mission 41 - Destroy the Moonshine Camps

Mission 41 - Destroy the Moonshine Camps

The first objective leads you to an intimidating brick fortress, which turns out to be a distillery. Bear north at the front of the building to find a locked door, with access to a boiler room.

Whistlekill two guards, then move to the far south door to lure in two more, including a sentry. Go back in the building and up the stairs, grabbing some cash from a crate.

At the top, lure a guard down a corridor of oddly placed tall crates, then proceed down the far stairs to small office with a tac vest, some cash, and the map you're looking for. Either stay to take out more guards and destroy the Targets of Opportunity in the northwest building, or retrace your steps out to hunt out the camps.

If you stay, exit through the small door here, and whistle-kill your way up the driveway, then go back to the center and take out the sentry.

Use Intel View to separate enemy combatants from the white-shirted civvies. Enter the building, and find the stairs in back toward the northwest.

The shotgunner upstairs should be the last hostile, go ahead an use Intel View to blow up the Targets of Opportunity, and snag the medkits here and downstairs if you need them.


West Camp Still - it's a long drive down to the bayou. Head straight for this one, but ditch your car a little ways out.

Sneak up and over the left hand wall, where the camp is more sparsely guarded. Use the shacks here as cover to whistle-kill the still guard, then two others that wander into range. This should just leave one facing you at the south end of the camp, and one on a porch by the water. They're far enough apart that shooting one will still give you plenty of time to shoot the other as they advance.

Finish cleaning up by taking down the fisherman on the pier, and the camp is yours.

Destroy the stills with bullets, but don't forget the immense cash cache in the western locked cabin here, along with a fuse and some molotovs.

East Camp Still- another long drive. Park by the bridge and loop around to the east, swimming past the camp on coming up from the dock into the cabin.

The inhabitants wander a bit so whistle-kill or rush in as appropriate, but either way dispose of them. Scoop up the piles and piles of cash.

Whistle kill your way west through camp. Do not try whistle-killing from a raised balcony or platform- the enemy will walk to the far end, and spot you too early. Instead use shacks and doorways as lure points.

Destroy the stills when ready, then drive back to town. At least this camp has a couple cars to jack.

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