Mission 43 - Confront Carl Bevers

Mission 43 - Confront Carl Bevers

Back to the distillery. Someone's relocked that side door, but nothing you can't delock again.

There's dead drunk guy right ahead, but you'll want to worry about the two on their feet, talking things out. Whistlekill them with the near, low wall, but be sure the second one doesn't stray out of range while you're luring the first.

Sneak past the doorway and crouch by the far, closed door instead. There's a guard outside- open the door while leaning against the wall, and you'll keep cover. Whistle him over and end him.

Go back inside and up the stairs, to the room where you found the moonshine plans. A sentry patrols around here- whistlekill him with the book case, or desk, or other handy cornered object. Take the tac vest if you need it.

Use the outside door. Again, the trick is discriminating enemies from the local yokels. Bear left around some barrels, and lure the gate guard to his doom using the fenced porch of the gatehouse. Sometimes he wanders out of range, but if he starts pissing against the far wall, he's close enough.

Go back to the middle of the compound, by the open doorway into 'A' building.

There's no sentry in the alley this time, but there are two inside. Whistle them over, but watch them carefully as they approach- there's a lot of twists and turns in that room, and you want make sure you're not on a side of the doorway that leaves you visible. After, sneak through the main room, watching for and dispatching patrollers (ignoring the civvies, who are generally hairier) and make your way to room with the medkit, coming up behind the sentry here.

Cross back out to the opposite door (west) and take out a goon leaning against some barrels.

Continue southeast and go up the stairs, then bear left on the catwalk and follow it all the way to the end- mopping up any second level patrollers you haven't whistled down. You can also pick up a medkit on the way if you need it. The last guard can't be whistled over. Sneak against the wall for a takedown, or just shoot him.

Up the stairs to Bever's office, where he's chatting with someone. This interlocutor can be whistled over to the doorway for quiet dispatch and, surprisingly, so can Bevers. Let your knife do the talking to add a new distillery to your empire.

Collectible Alert: Vargas print in Bever's office.

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