Mission 45 - Interrogate Loan Sharks

Mission 45 Interrogate Loan Sharks

The quest marker automatically goes to 'Red' Gallo up North, but Leo is just a few blocks away, if you're picking up the mission from Bear direct, so might as well head there first.

Hop the fence into the back alley, and make your way to the locked door in the rear (behind the truck). Use Intel View to ensure no one's looking, then jimmy the door. From here you can whistle the informant right over for quick conversion (though you may have to hook a couple smaller fish first).

You can also loot cash from the back office and counter for a bit more racket damage. Take out the sentries in front if you like, but they pay no attention to anything going on behind them.

The tip from Leo sends you out to smash up liquor stores. Classy. There's one just a block east, so jog on over.

There's carful of goons sitting out front, so go round back and take a crowbar to the door. Be sure to grab the stack of money in the back office, and loot the register before smashing the liquor cabinets.

When destroying the liquor use a pistol - any attack on the liquor alerts the yahoos outside, and you don't want to get shot up while you're busy swinging a crowbar. Pistol fire also seems less likely to draw a police response. Either gun & run or stay and fight- the counter makes good cover and shooting the goons doesn't trigger a police response (shooting their car is a different matter, so try to avoid that).

The other stores are essentially clones of the first, and the same rules apply- enter in the back, loot & shoot.

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