Mission 47 - Kill Sonny's Enforcers

Mission 47 - Kill Sonny's Enforcers

Tito Leone

Hangs out in the open by the lighthouse. Snipe him from the parking lot (standing right next to your car, for a quick getaway), or use the small beach shack nearby to whistle kill his sentries, his goons, and then the man himself.

Fede 'Hats' Iocca

Based near the onramp, in the lot where you wired your first junction box in New Verdun. Good times.

Lure in the gate guard the same way as before, then whistlekill the rest using the parked vehicles. Or just open fire- you're pretty isolated from prying eyes here. Watch out for the hostages though- the explosive barrels can make civvie casualites high, if that factors into your thinking.

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