Mission 49 - Confront Sonny Blue

Mission 49 - Confront Sonny Blue

Get your marching orders from Bear. You might also break into the thrift shop up the street for a tac vest, if you're not already wearing one.

Head back to the same place you rescued Ralph from. Same tactics apply, hopping over the wall and in the side door, but watch out for a new sentry right around the corner from your entry point.

Clear out the ground floor using the same path as before- a few more paired guards but, well, you know how to whistle, don't you? If things turn sour, remember the spare tacvest here, otherwise take the northeast stairs again.

The guards are a bit more spread out now- you can whistlekill through, or shoot your way in. There's so much cover here that careful pistol shooting won't even alert the sentries. Make your way back to Sonny's office- the windows aren't bullet proof, so you can soften him up from a distance if you like, but either way it ends with a job offer and a takedown.

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