Mission 5 - Never Going To Be Over

Mission 5 - Never Going To Be Over

This is your first real combat mission, a chance to get your feet wet and your hands dirty.

Swim to the dock. Ignore the two guys conversing ahead of you, and instead break right towards the guy warming his hands at the barrel-fire. Choke him out, and follow the slope of the pier into the water, swimming just around the corner into a boat house. Here you'll find a 40 Automat SG, which will be incredibly helpful when the shooting starts.

Sneak up through the boathouse, heading for where the two talking guys were hanging out. They soon split up- wait for the one to pass the door of the boathouse, then vault the railing and take him down, before sneaking left to finish his stationary partner.

Go back into the boathouse, and to your immediate left is an open doorway leading into a large yard with a fire. You're a little exposed, but you still have time to creep behind the near table without anyone spotting you for real. You'll get a little note about whistling, but the two enemies here will separate on their own after a few seconds, and become easy prey. Sneak up on the guy by the fire (or whistle him over, if you like), then follow the other guy right around the corner of the house, around the wood pile.

Head north then northwest to see a bunch of guys hanging around a chokepoint. Here you can whistle through the west window of the long house to lure them one by one into ambush. To be safe, drag the bodies out the east door to avoid spooking the next sap in line.


Afterward, there'll be one guy left to guard the choke point, and you can sneak up to him using the crate just off the porch for cover, then sneaking around behind the truck he's leaning on, and making your attack. There's an obvious killing ground up the hill, but first turn back south to tie up some loose ends.

There's a man on the porch here who occasionally bursts into song, keep to the right and you can easily get behind him by sneaking along the wall, then through a small house. Enemy movements may vary from here, but in general loop back north, noting a guy by the campfire, a guy wandering through the yard, and few stationary (but not very alert guards) at the fence on your left, and by the far path. Take them out in that order, using the houses to sneak behind the fence guard. Nearby first aid kits are marked with green crosses on your minimap, and you'll find a few inside the houses here. (Even without straying far from your killpath, you can scoop up one from the house by the campfire, and one in the house to your left just before taking out that last guard).

Choke out the path guard and realize you've come up behind that hillside killing ground. You can either use the low stone walls to sneak and choke out these guys, or just open fire- no one else will come running. There's another first aid kit at the sentry house here. The guard on the porch has a trench machine gun, which makes a decent substitute for your Automat, if the latter has run out of ammo.

Once you've explored and looted sufficiently, go through the door in this sentry house to find Baka. No crowbar yet, so go in loud. He should be standing pretty much dead center in the screen, so just pump him full of lead. If you catch a bad break, the near pews can be used for cover.


No matter how many bullets you fill him with, Baka survives just long enough for his first and last cutscene.

Afterward, you'll find yourself under fire. Gather some explosives- there are two molotov cocktails in this room (one by Baka, one in the girl's cubbyhole), and two in the room behind you, along with a first aid kit. You can't hold all the molotovs at once, so if you find you like them, you can sneak back here later to restock. Otherwise, the slope by the house is veritable shooting gallery- take out the besiegers with bullet and flame.

Once the attacking wave is all dead, you can re-enter stealth mode, and make your way to the last objective. Avoid open spaces, and definitely avoid walking in the middle of the road. The enemies won't take cover unless they're under attack, but there's so much detritus around it's easy to get accidentally flanked. Another sneaking tip- just because an enemy goon seems like he's talking to someone, doesn't mean there's a second goon nearby. Some of these guys just like to talk themselves.

If you're spotted, or decide to just shoot your way out, your first target should be the guy with the machine gun up on the catwalk.

With him out of the way, everyone else is at ground level, and easily evaded/hunted. Unless you're absolutely wedded to the stealth experience, shooting from cover and advancing is probably the quickest way to clear this area, re-arming with dropped pistols as you go.

You'll reach the exit just as your getaway car is pulling up. Get inside and drive on home, entering through the garage door to end the mission.

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