Mission 52 - Racket: Construction

Mission 52 - Racket: Construction

Before getting down to work, of course, you'll want to wiretap the district. Ignore the junction box in the police station for now, but you should have little trouble getting to the others. One requires a fight with a few goons, and another has a gang hanging nearby, but they can be avoided. Otherwise, smooth sailing.

Open up this questline, and all of downtown, by meeting with Donovan one at one his park benches. He'll give you the deets on muscling into the heart of the city.

Collectible Alert: The REPENT magazine you see in the cutscene can be grabbed from the bench once the movie ends.

For the Construction questline, find Lennie Davis in a bar. He'll layout his blackmail woes, and tell you how to hit the crooked construction ops in town. Make you're sure your ammo's topped up before heading out- you're going to be shooting a lot of things

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