Mission 57 - Bring Down Cavar's Construction Crane

Mission 57 - Bring Down Cavar's Construction Crane

Your objective marker will take you to the front of the site, but go ahead and sneak in the back door- that's just sneaking common sense (there is an entrance through the sewers as well, but it's far more trouble than it's worth).

Bear left along the mid level platforms, taking out guards one by one. You can step out of cover for brief stints, but remain aware of sentries on the far side of the yard- they can spot you if make yourself too obvious. Scoop up cash if it's handy, but don't fret over it- this location will become a base later.

If you time it things right, you can sneak down the stairs near the main entrance, and right over to the detonation spot.

You'll probably be caught once you actually apply the detonator, because Lincoln just stands there- but no worries. Seconds after the detonator is planted, everyone will flee, including guards. Run to the front gate and let the cutscene roll.

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