Mission 58 - Confront Jimmy Cavar

Mission 58 - Confront Jimmy Cavar

We were just here to blow up a crane, and not a lot has changed. Except for the giant broken crane, of course. Enemies are a little thicker on the ground as well, but the thicker the hay, the easier the mowing.

Follow the same path as last time- along the midlevel to your your left. This time, instead of turning right toward the main gate and down into the construction area, bear left to take a flight of stairs upward until you reach Jimmy's office.

Both guards can be whistled away, and Jimmy Cavar subdued as you see fit. Then comes the real fun.

Downtown is a finesse area- Assign this one to Vito, and you'll not only get up an intel view bonus (moderately useful), but you'll get your consigliere to pick up all your kickback cash as well. Huge timesaver and moneymaker. Icing on the cake is the silenced semi-auto pistol. That guy Vito is all class.

Collectible Alert: When the dust settles, be sure to nab the Vargas painting from Cavar's office upstairs.

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