Mission 60 - Interrogate Blackmail Couriers

Mission 60 - Interrogate Blackmail Couriers

For the first time, you have to interrogate two different people to open up all the missions in this Racket.

The closest mark is Willy Jovino. As should be second nature by now- don't go by the obvious entrance, but look for side alley to make your approach. Lure away outlying guards, then open fire when the situation is containable. This location also has an easily accessible rooftop overlooking the scene, for sniper types. When everyone's done, get the goods, and then be sure to grab the bag of cash here before heading out.

Willy's info unlocks the Find and Follow the Bagmen mission

Gianni Amici is up next- he's only got a few enforcers handy, but they're very close to a public street. Either lure Gianni deeper into the alley for your convo, or just blow everyone away quickly (explosives work too), and be ready to outspeed the blues.

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