Mission 67 - Racket: Garbage

Mission 67 - Racket: Garbage

Barclay Mills

Now that Vito has the center of the city in hand, it's time to show a little respect to Cassandra, and connect your territories up a little further. It'll also make executing Cassandra's personal mission that much easier, earning even more loyalty. Make for Barclay Mills, and talk to Donovan about your prospects.

As always, wiretap the district before beginning real work. The good news is that Barclay is extremely easy to wire- just drive around to each junction box, and your objective marker will take you to an easy access point, without any hostile forces nearby. The only exception is one junction box near the tracks- your objective marker takes you to a small bluff overlooking the area. Do NOT simply hop the fence over the edge- you'll probably die. Instead drive down the slope and to the box itself. Other than that, easy peasy.

Talk to Maria Bava to open up this area for questing. Strangely, though she mentions many objectives, only one populates- blow up the dump. So let's blow up the dump.

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