Mission 68 - Sabotage Dump

Mission 68 - Sabotage Dump

As ever, front doors are for suckers- sneak around to the north side parking lot.

Once inside, bear left to find a locked shack. Jimmy the door and a ladder leads down to a sewer tunnel.

Head toward the objective, but be mindful of the rooptop sniper here as you advance cover to cover.

Get to the lee of the building, near the porta potties, and whistle over the sentry from the right hand side.

Ignore the objective for the moment (though grab the tac vest from the southeast trailer if you need one) and sneak over to the garbage truck parking. There's one sentry on ground level. Take him out, but don't whistle until you're close, or one of the upper level goons might be lured instead.

If you do get caught out, the garbage bay in back makes a good hiding place that enemies can't access.

Clear out the guys here, then make your way to the main office by the upper catwalk. Take out the sniper, then go loud on the other remaining henchmen- for a level this rambly, it makes it easier when they come to you. Don't worry about the capping the guy guarding the objective just now- that chainlink fence he hides behind is bullet proof.

When you've cleared away the opposition, return to the level above the garbage trucks to clear out the office here, and grab an Adrenaline Shot from the ground level if you need one.

Collectible Alert: Vargas in the upper office here.

Exit this office through the east door to find the way into your objective.

Shoot the lone, remaining guard and plant the explosives, then run for the hills.

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