Mission 69 - Interrogate the Extortionists

Mission 69 - Interrogate the Extortionists

Now the other objectives open up.

As usual, you have a choice of interrogatees, but 'Gigi' Jackson's description spells out the presence of a rear door to his garage. An invitation if I ever heard one.

Okay, maybe there is back door, but this loner out front is too tempting a target to pass up.

Take him out before sneaking round back. Take out the sentry by the door.

After that, it's a numbers game- the door isn't the best ambush spot, so thin the herd until you can gun them all down at once. The informant's car is very close, so shoot fast.

This intel leads you to a money stash on the west side of Barclay. There are a lot of goons, but they don't like to leave their buildings. Take out the guys on the perimeter, then lure out as many as you can before they get wise. After that, it's shooting gallery.

These guys never get together to rush you, and don't spend much time in cover, so just pop them one by one, and take the cash.


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