Mission 74 - Interrogate Train Robbers

Mission 74 - Interrogate Train Robbers

'Specs' Ermo is just down the hill here, and he's close to our next objective. Let's go hit a guy with glasses. (Note- take the dirt track down, it's faster than the 'official' route.)

Find our man by a switchyard station. Take out his sentries starting with the one on the south end, then the one up on the balcony (whistle him down first, out of view). When things go loud, weigh the informant down with lead, then mop up any remaining goons.

Note bitterly that Ermo does not actually wear glasses, but he does give you a line on Santini's money stash. Grab a fuse from the switchhouse office and any loose cash, then head south.

The stash site is crawling with goons, but you can ignore most of them. Sneak in from the west, luring out the guy on the door, and anyone patrolling the floor too close to you. When the coast is clear, nip up the stairs to grab the stash.

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