Mission 78 - Get Enzo Conti

Mission 78 - Get Enzo Conti

It's little surprise that, when going to meet a mob boss in an isolated quarry, you're going to get ambushed.

Bring your favorite guns and stock up on adrenaline and a tacvest, because you'll be gunning down a small army. There'll be plenty of ammo from dropped bodies, but the enemies here mainly carry shotguns, pistols, and semi autos, if you plan to resupply on the go.

Meet Enzo and learn he's actually a pretty decent guy- friend of Sammy's from way back. He'll fight by your side as you are ambushed time and time again by waves of Marcano's men. Fight back the initial wave using the balcony as cover- but keep in mind those panels will fall away with enough damage.

Descend the stairs, but stay sharp, because you're about to be ambushed by a bulldozer. Drop back to the east for more cover (and an autorifle if you fancy one).

Kill these guys then enter the building behind them to snag a medkit and plant the first explosive device.

Every time you do this, more goons will drive up and open fire, so just get use to methodically picking them off. If you've been following this guide, you'll have access to Vito's silenced pistol and Cassandra's pistol upgrades, and the two work magic together here.

You can also shoot the explosive barrels, but this isn't your last fight on this particular stretch of ground, so you might keep a few in reserve.

Loot the trailer for a medkit and ammo, then cross to the second objective marker.

Collectible Alert: Vargas painting in trailer

Plant the next explosive, then run out to find cover against the next incoming wave (now's a good time to use those barrels)

When the quarry sand runs red with the blood of your enemies, go for the last objective by climbing the central scaffold up to the ore chute. This lets you get the drop on the ambush forces lurking up there.

Clear out the relatively small number of ambushers, plant the last explosives, and evade the final wave by going back down the ore chute.

Follow the objective marker to the Bulworth pickup, a beast of a machine. You've got a choice of exits, but the tunnel makes things easy- the enemies don't have anywhere to run, and you exit the tunnel on the railroad tracks, which the Bulworth can easily drive along, but your pursuers can't.

Lose the last of the goons (who need to get back home anyway to plan about two hundred odd funerals), and make for the place where Enzo's girlfriend lives. This used to be the site of a prostitution ring, if I remember back to early chapters, but maybe they've spruced it up since you shot all those mobsters there. In anycase, driving to the yellow quest marker isn't quite enough to end the quest- take the truck all the way into parking lot to the white objective marker to close this one out.

After that, there'll be another sitdown. As discussed before, this district goes to Cassandra, but Burke's getting a little pissed. Well, pissed in a different way than he usually is. Time to throw him a bone. Next stop: Tickfaw Harbor.

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