Mission 84 - Confront Jack 'Junior' Holland

Mission 84 - Confront Jack 'Junior' Holland

Return to Gina to unlock the boss-busting portion of this Racket, then head down to Jack's auto shop.

Going in the front way actually isn't a bad plan this time. Whistle lure out the two front guards, advance to the car for cover, then whistle lure the guard dead ahead (or just shoot him, if you have something with a silencer).

Bear left into the garage, and evade or kill the wandering guard here to sneak through to the lower level, under the 'AUTO SERVICE' sign. From here on it's an easy sneak to the back of Junior's trailer. You actually have a clear shot at him just after you surface from the underground, but it's best to eliminate the other hostiles first, so you don't get your head blown off before you can chat with Junior.

Work your way to the north end of the lot, and then take out the three individuals in the trailer with an explosive or autofire.

Either way, the only enemy not dead will be Junior, and you'll finally have the chance to talk face to mangled face.

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