Mission 89 - Confront Walter 'Pops' Holland

Mission 89 - Confront Walter 'Pops' Holland

Back to freightyard for this particular showdown. The same route is still a good one- over the left gate, round north, and vault the concrete barrier.

There are more guards now, and they seem tougher, so be ready for a double-tap if your headshots keep bouncing off. Use same stairway in, and go to the room with the tacvest.

If the boat is lowered, you'll need to use the controls here to raise it, so that you can get to Pops' office. There are some hostiles here, but they don't take cover until you shoot at them, and once you shoot at them, they have no further need of cover.

Pop is deep in conversation about red vs green with another guy. Stitch them up- but loot the place before bringing Pops over the winning team- otherwise it's just a long walk back to this office.

Collectible Alert: Pop keeps a Vargas on the wall by the door

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