Mission 9 - ...A Friend in Jesus

Mission 9 - ...A Friend in Jesus

Walk through the festival with Danny on your shoulder. Just like driving, try not to run into anybody else, or attract attention from police. Follow the objective marker to a pay phone and make your call, then just keep following that diamond, through a grocery, crowded streets, a lounge, and streets again. Soon enough, the story will overtake you.

You'll regain control in the middle of a very bad situation. Ignore the tempting nearby cover and sprint down the alley to your right.

Break left through a building and then, once you're out in the open again, veer left around a church and into the cemetery. Things cool down just slightly, and a tutorial will teach you about police zones.

Drop into stealth mode and keep to your right. You'll encounter two guards making their way toward you. You can try to whistle them apart, or simply ambush the first and then rush the second (sometimes, the mere shock of seeing his partner taken out causes this officer to spontaneously fall over).

If you use melee attacks, taking out the second guard here will cause the police forces to lose you again. Other police will start to converge on your location, however, so don't linger, instead making a beeline for the objective, and taking the first exit out of the cemetery.

Ignore the lone policeman with his back turned just across the railroad tracks and sprint for the objective (police have trouble hearing you if they aren't looking at you). Make for the little concrete enclosure by the tracks and hop into the car.

Once you're behind the wheel, your only objective is escape, so drive any direction not blocked by cops, and run over anyone who gets in the way. It's not like you could be in more trouble than you are right now. Taking corners quickly can help you lose any police on your tail, but once you've got even a little breathing room, just pick the nearest straightaway and floor it until you're out of the zone.

When you're clear the game will prompt you to enter a new objective on the map, but ignore this, and instead cruise until your crew finishes their conversation, and the chapter break takes you away.

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