Mission 91 - Kill Frank Pagani

Mission 91 - Kill Frank Pagani

You need to use Donovan's tracker to narrow Frank's location, but it's not hard. The circle in your minimap will shrink with proximity, and the mass of red dots is also a clue.

The entrance to the lot is south of the building. Wipeout the guards in the lot, then you have two choices-

1) Stealth through the building, knowing that the slightest error, real or occasionally fabricated by the game, will cause Frank to escape in his car, sending you on a wild high-speed chase across the city, or-

2) Kick in the door, run three steps, run back out, and waste Frank's car as he emerges. Be sure to keep a burst of fire or an explosive in reserve for his other goons, then interrogate at leisure.

Maybe you really like high speed chases, in which case this is a doozy, but otherwise just kick in the door.

Either way, interrogate Frank once he's down to finish the mission

Note: completing this mission gives you access to the Deleo Triviata. If not the fastest car in the game, it's certainly in the top three.

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