Mission 92 - Racket: Drugs

Mission 92 - Racket: Drugs

The French Ward! The pulsing, vibrant heart of Marcano's New Bordeux empire! Time to tear it out.

Wiring the French Ward is relatively easy, and best done on foot. The junction boxes are close, there are plenty of fuses to snag, and designers went all out on the look and feel of this district. Enjoy it!

The only fly in the no-longer-really-proverbial ointment in the junction box out back of the police station.

Go around to the garage door- there are three officers here, but they'll disperse as you get close. You can also nudge them around slightly as long you don't actually cause damage, and don't cross the line into trespassing. Once there's one left, with his back turned, sneak into the garage and duck into cover. Open the right door here, then wait for the nearby cop to lose interest. There's one other guy on a slow loop around the lot, wait 'til he's heading back up to the entrance then sneak in, wire the box, and duck back the way you came. Be careful with that last cop in the garage- even if he only spots you after you're out of enemy territory, he'll still sound the alarm.

Once the ward's comm grid is in your pocket, head east to talk to Big Jim about the local drug trade, and where to hit it.

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