Mission 93 - Interrogate Pushers

Mission 93 - Interrogate Pushers

Closet target is Eugenio Calabrese, who deals out of a cemetery. Cool.

The main challenge is that his men are pretty well scattered- hard to take out all at once, but close enough to respond to trouble. Either sneak-kill them one by one, or make some trouble with a Screaming Zemi. Try not to drive them into cover- there's a ton of it here, and even the fencing seems to be bulletproof.

Once you do get your hands on Eugenio, he'll fill you in on a boat operation you need to see to. Grab the cash before leaving, include a few bundles seemingly inside some stone tiles.

But first, this is one of those rare districts where you get to interrogate more than one informer, so turn south to spend some time chatting with Frank Nero.

Frank's just hanging out in a parking lot, which makes this a little awkward. The simplest thing is drive up in your Triviata, parking right in the lot. Crouch by the south end of the building, which should put all four hostiles almost in a perfect line. Headshot them, with a couple of insurance rounds for Frank, then run over and interrogate him before jumping in your wheels and getting out ahead of the blues.

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