Pointe Verdun

Album Art

1. In a backyard bookcase on the west side of the lighthouse park. The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile.

2. On some cardboard boxes in an abandoned building north of Burke's garage. Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow. s

3. On a street cart east of Burke's garage. Roy Orbison - Crying.

4. In another green house with a red door, on a desk next to a tricycle. The Rolling Stones.

Communist Propaganda

5. Tacked to a light post behind a warehouse on a pier- as far north from the distillery as you can go without getting wet.

6. Tacked to the south side of the lighthouse.

7. If you run along the light house pier southward and go in a straight line- tacked to the blue double doors of the large building directly ahead.

8. Tacked to a lightpost in the north end of the Roberdeau safehouse.


Hot Rod Magazine

9. In the employee's only area of an autoservice shop - Jan 1968.


Playboy Magazines

10. In the front yard of a trailer northwest of the distillery - Nov 1965.

11. Inside a locked green house with a red door, north and slightly east of the distillery - Aug 1967.

12. On a bench on atop the cliff to the east of the lighthouse - Jul 1965.

13. On top of some filing cabinets on the second floor of a warehouse just south, southeast of the distillery- Sep 1968

14. On a toolbench in the west end on Burke's garage- May 1967.

15. Inside a tiny back-alley garage with an open door, northeast of Burke's - Aug 1965.

16. Police station trailer- The office by the front gate is often unoccupied- vault inside the office itself, out the back door, then sneak to the trailers, and sneak out the same way. Oct 1965.


Vargas Paintings

17. Main office of the distillery

18. Main office of the Roberdeau slaughterhouse

19. Burke's private room

20. The garage where you first meet Nicki Burke (not counting the documentary movie).

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