Racing and Car Mods

The latest update for Mafia III just dropped, and while there's no new story content, it has added in car customization and some racing tracks.

You still can't save the sweet rides you come across in the big city (so no Capulet in the garage for you), but you can now repaint and customize any of the cars that Burke's lieutenant brings you. Just drive the vehicle in question up to the garage of a Big Rick's

Yes, this means you have to separately call up every car you own, rather than paging through them from a single menu, but that's life in the big city. At least the game doesn't skimp on selection- each car has dozens of new colors, decals, and other modifications available, and even locked mods will still show you a graphics preview, and tell you exactly how they be unlocked.

These touch-ups don't actually change vehicle performance (for that, you still need to purchase vehicle modifications through the Weapons Van), but they can give your rides an extra touch of class, or devastating lack thereof.

The racing content starts out in the Bayou, because of course it does (....any rippin'-frippin' excuse to drive you out to the ding-dang bayou again...) While the tracks are split into sports racing and exotic racing (your car selection is also now automatically split into these categories as well), the rules are pretty much the same- Place at least 3rd to open up a new track elsewhere in New Bordeaux, get a special prize for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, and get an extra-special prize for beating the track record on time.

There is some trophy cash as well, which is good, as these mods aren't free to install. This probably won't matter much to those logging into a post-completion game, but anyone just starting out will want to spend their money on the bare necessities before getting into the custom car game. The last part of the update is a few new costumes, including one that lets you dress up like Burke. The update does not indicate why anyone would ever want to do this to themselves.

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