River Row

Album Art

1. On some cardboard boxes in a store back room. The Supremes - Where Did Our Love Go?

2. In the back office of Shooter's Bar. Big Brother & The Holding Company - Cheap Thrills


Communist Propaganda Posters

3. On a small building between the start of the two westmost piers on the north shore of the district.

4. On the large dock northwest of the Union Extortion Safehouse

5. On the west side of the Dominic's Sugar building

6. One the door of a railhouse near where the tracks join in the southeast of River Row


Hot Rod Magazine

7. Inside a traincar west of Shooter's Bar - May 1968


Playboy Magazines

8. In the employee only area of Baby Bear BBQ, on some filing cabinets - May 1963.

9. In the fenced off area of a garage on the east side of River's Row's northmost point - July 1964

10. On some drawers in building just east-southeast of Joey's All American - June 1966

11. Just inside the roof entrance of a building east of the Catfish Queen - May 1966

12. Next to a chair on a shack porch in the very southwest corner of the district - Dec 1967

13. In a shack just west of the southern inlet tip - Oct 1967

14. The upper level of a warehouse just by the 'w' in River Row on the map -Feb 1966


Vargas Paintings

15. On the floor behind the counter in Benny's- Vito's restaurant.

16. In Vito's office, once Vito has been rescued

17. In the Union Extortion Safehouse (where you once blew up a trailer and confronted Andy Turetto)

18. In the Contraband Safehouse (where you stole the medical truck and confronted Roy Thibideaux)





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