Sign of the Times - Achievements


Story Achievements: A Little Closure, Covered in Blood, Haunted Places, Worse That Dying.

You'll get these automatically by progressing through the story arc. If you complete the arc, they cannot be missed.

Renovation Achievements: Barkeep, Amateur Bouncer, Pour Sammy!

Complete all renovations to Sammy's (after the main story arc is done) to snag these three achievements.

Feat Achievements:

Pop, Pop: Killed four enemies in the same Slo Mo session, ten times. The only thing that makes this tricky is its placement in the game- if you've already played through the whole thing, it can be tricky finding that many hostiles in the same place If you really want the achievement, your best bet is to shoot up a police station. Even if you're killed, each episode still counts toward your goal .

Blade of Death: Kill 20 enemies with the Throwing Knives. Given that the blades are instantly deadly, and you can recover them from the bodies of the fallen, this is one of the easiest achievements in the game.

Street Rocket: Drive 50 km in the Samson Harrier. An easy get, if a slightly time consuming one. Still, the Harrier is a pleasure to drive, so just find a radio station you like and let the miles roll by.

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