Album Art

1. Upper floor of a green-doored building at the extreme north of the district. Sam Cooke - Ain't That Good News.

2. The underlevel of an auto service shop. The Duprees - You Belong To Me.

3. In a mansion garage toward the south east shore. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds.

4. On the upper floor of the Black Market Money Stash building. Question Mark and the Mysterians - 96 Tears.


Communist Propaganda

5. On a pier of the La Vie Ferry Company, technically just outside Southdowns, to the north west.

6. On the southeast side of the building southeast of Blarney's Pub.


Hot Rod Magazine

7. Lower level garage in the southwest - Mar 1968.


Repent Magazine

8. In the middle of the sports bar at the Gambling safehouse.


Playboy Magazines

9. In another green-walled, red-doored house west of the Fareham Grocery - Mar 1968.

10. High in the northeast stands of the stadium - Sep 1967.

11. Third floor roof of the building just west of the Catfish Queen - April 1966.

12. Second level of a motel room toward the east, near the tracks - Mar 1966.


Vargas Paintings

13. In a well-appointed warehouse slash gambling pit in the northwest.

14. In the office of the Black Market safehouse.

15. Inside the office of the Gambling safehouse.


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