Starting Tips

Mafia:III actually does a pretty good job of easing you into your life of crime. The first dozen missions or so are designed to introduce most of the games key concepts, and allow you try them out under controlled conditions. Still, in a game this complex, there will always be a few points that slide under the radar. Arm yourself with these tips to make the most of your early hours in Mafia:III.

Easy Come, Easy Go

The first set of missions have a tutorialish quality to them, and like tutorials, none of the weapons or guns or money you pick up here will carry over into the main game. So don't stress about hanging onto this pistol or that rifle, just go with the flow. It's only after you've taken your long nap that you need to worry about things like consequences.

Wheels, Not Hot

While you'll eventually have your cars delivered, early on you'll sometimes need transport without the hassle of a police chase. Cars hidden off the street will help, of course, but also keep your eyes open for convertibles. With no glass to smash, you can heist one of these off a busy street in broad daylight, and no one bats an eye.

Death and Taxes

The penalty for dying in New Bordeaux is to lose half the money in your wallet. So stash that cash in your safe whenever you're about to do something that migth prove lethal.

Sticky Fingers

Once you can acquire things for keeps, pickup anything that's pick-up-able. Cash has obvious utility, and those odd electronics pacakges will be very useful later on.

Remaining Objective

If there's a collectible nearby on the minimap, but you just can't seem to find it, open the main map, and click on the collectible's symbol. This will give an objective marker for it in the game, showing you it's exact location and distance away from you (but not a path on how to get there).

Civilian Apathy

While the citizens of this fair city will call the cops over vehicular mayhem, flashed weapons, and property damage, they're surprisingly easy-going about you punching out mobsters in the street. If an area with enemies seems to have too many civilians to sneak through, try just ignoring them and moving in for the kill. Often their only reaction is a little yelling and running, but no police attention.



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