Stones Unturned - New Bordeaux Story Missions

Story Missions - New Bordeaux

Start the DLC by selecting the 'Creature of Habit' objective in the north of the city. This will lead you to a wafflehouse where you'll meet up with Donovan. He'll hop in your car, and you'll get an objective for another restaurant, a Villa Del Mar to the west.

Pull in to trigger a cutscene where you meet up with one of Donovan's old friends, Marshall.

Enter the restaurant, and remove the axe from the door to find that someone's shot up the place pretty bad.

There are three notes on this level, but none have any plot significance. When you're done poking around, head upstairs and follow your maker to trigger a cutscene where you find the guy you're looking for.

The scene ends with you in a car chase to catch the last survivor.

It's important you catch him alive, so leave your explosives buckled up. He starts out by cutting through an alley- do not follow him. Instead take the main road left, then take your first right to cut him off. Shoot out his tires to immobilize him, then interrogate him when he comes tumbling out.

There's no struggle mechanic, just press E to trigger the cutscene.

You'll quip a bit and haul him back to the restaurant, where the three of you give him the staredown.

He'll spill his guts, ending 'Creature of Habit', and leading to 'Welcome to the Show.'

'Welcome to the Show' starts proper when you talk to Donovan in the restaurant lobby. He'll give you the location of a safehouse in the southwest of the bayou- and five minutes to get there.

Still, five minutes is pretty generous- take anything faster than the armored truck and you'll make it with time to spare. But even if you rocket over in the Deleo, you'll still be too late- Aldridge has already penetrated the safehouse.

Follow Donovan in. Don't worry about being spotted just yet- you can't be detected until a mini-cutscene where a merc threatens some hostages plays. Once that happens, open fire. You can play this stealthy, but don't be too concerned if you raise the alarm- it doesn't affect any other fights, and hostiles don't call for backup, or start shooting hostages, or anything else too troublesome.

When you've mopped up, follow your objective marker deeper into the complex. You can free hostages as you go (by getting close and using 'E' to cut their ropes), but this has no effect on anything else in the game.

From this point on, pretty much every fight in the compound starts with the enemies alerted to you. As is usual, the best armed enemies are ones wearing hats. Priotize them as you kill your way to the boathouse. The way across the water is not by swimming, but by climbing a ladder to your left.

As you reach the upper level, more goons swarm in. Kill them too, remembering to sweep by the bodies for ammo. There's also a medkit in the ground floor shack,

As you work your way through the compound, Donovan will call out other health packs and the tac vest. You won't have much use for the former until you reach the final room- a data center straight out of the Fallout games.

Make your way forward to trigger a conversation with Donovan's nemesis, then prepare to repels mercs. They all need to enter through those double doors, so switch to your AR an mow them down (this killzone becomes a great place to recoup ammo later).

Their final piece de resistance is to drive a armored truck with machinegun turret through the wall. It is possible to take down the gunner with some careful flanking, but it's much easier to use a grenade (try to lob in on the ground next to the truck).

When all hostiles are down, follow Donovan's barked orders to get the keycard (it's next to a downed analyst on the west side of the room).

Enter the mainframe to kick off a series of cutscenes which explain how Aldridge intends to recover a lost thermonuclear warhead, and where the last man who know its location is hidden. Donovan drives off, ending this leg of the mission and starting the next- 'Devotchka.'

Trigger this mission by meeting up with Donovan back in the north end of town. He'll give you an objective marker for a department store in Frisco Fields.

This is another timed run, but it's just a short hop there (though drama will fastforward time to nightfall for your arrival).

Enter the store, and the clerk will tell you that the man you're looking for, Paez, is on the third floor. As you make your way up, note the layout of the floors. They're not complicated, but take an extra few seconds to familiarize yourself with them will be handy in a moment. Find Paez on the top floor, polishing some glass.

Talking to him trigger a fight where the lights go out, and you need to gun your way back to the entrance. If, for some arcane reason, you haven't wiretapped Frisco Fields yet, just aim for the flashlights. Your mission is to protect Paez, but he'll take a story-mandated bullet to the shoulder no matter what you do. Keep gunning down mercs (and refilling your ammo) until you reach the main door again.

In the parking lot, commandeer the turret truck. (note that you cannot change, or turn off the radio station). Climb in, and shoot the badguys. There's not a lot to it, but the quickest way to get a truck off your back it to shoot the driver (you can also blow up civilian cars, if you're cool with collateral damage). Keep gunning until Donovan gets you clear. This triggers a cutscene that ends 'Devotchka' and begins 'In Country.'

As the game warns you, once you start this leg of the mission, you can't return to anything else until it's completed. When ready, talk to Donovan, and board the boat.

The cutscene will explain Donovan's history with Aldridge (not sure why he so sensitive about it, to be honest), but when it's over, you'll be in Cuba.

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