The French Ward

Album Art

1. Under a bench outside a Tunesville Record Store. Diana Ross and the Supremes - Love Child.

2. Inside a tiny second floor room west of the Eight Ball Creole Restaurant. Aretha Franklin - Lady Soul.

3. On a second floor balcony over looking the east point of Montreaux Square. Question Mark and the Mysterions - 96 Tears.

4. Behind the bar in Shooter's Bar, no loitering. Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction.


Communist Propaganda

5. On the front of a grand mansion just north of the cemetery.

6. Among the long, pillared buildings in the southeast corner of the ward.


Playboy Magazines

7. Near some lounge chairs in a canal side backyard, north edge of the Ward - Feb 1962

8. In the green garage of a pink house, roughly two blocks north of Fareham Grocery - Feb 1967.

9. On a barbecue grill inside a walled patio, west of Les Dames Rouges - Nov 1968.

10. On a desk in a dockside garage just west across the river from the car theft safehouse - Apr 1961.


Repent Magazines

11. In the center of the cemetery, where you can interrogate Eugenio Calabrese for the Drugs racket (Mission 93 in this guide). Issue 5.

12. On the dresser of Mr. Pennies room, during the 'Kill the Kinky VIPs' mission (Mission 104 in this guide). Issue 2.


Vargas Paintings

13. Behind the bar in the restaurant above the Cistern.

14. In Doc Gaston's office below the Cistern.

15. In the poker room across the way from Mr. Pennies' playroom (see Mission 104).

16. In the office of the Sex Racket.

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