Tickfaw Harbor

1. Behind the counter in Joey's All American Diner, in the northeast. The Box Tops - The Letter Neon Rainbow.

2. The ground floor of a trainhouse. The Temptations - I Wish It Would Rain.


Communist Propaganda

3.On the door of a small brick outbuilding at the westernmost point of Tickfaw

4. South wall of a building in he southwest corner of the top half of Tickfaw, facing the canal.

5. The door of an elevated watchoffice in the southwest corner of Tickfaw.

6. Posted on the top floor of a parking garage in central Tickfaw


Hot Rod Magazine

7. On the roof of a building south east of the pawn shop (watch symbol in the south of Tickfaw) -Feb 1965.


Playboy Magazines

8. Behind the bar of Shooter's Bar in the north east- Sep 1966.

9. Ground floor desk of a trainhouse - Jul 1967.

10. On the rooftop of the shortest two story building in Port Bourbon - Jul 1962

11. In a portable near the oil tanks just north of the Auto Theft safehouse - May 1965

12. A trailer toward the southeast corner of Tickfaw - August 1962.


Vargas Paintings

13. Inside the Smuggling safehouse office (try to snag this when you take over the racket - it's a long walk back)

14. The backroom of the garage where you catch up to Frank Pagani when you've taken over both Tickfaw rackets.

15. The office of the Auto Theft safehouse.

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