Vito: I Need A Favor

Vito: I Need A Favor

The first time you meet for this mission is in the restaurant. Vito gives you a guy to whack, and a couple other guys who know where he is. You only have to interrogate one informant, even if they're clustered together. Get the location of 'Lucky,' drive out to Frisco Fields, and take him out.

Let your personal ethics dictate whether you sneak in and kill him, or kill everybody in the place.

Drive back to Vito when it's done- he'll be waiting up in the office, as he will be for all the other missions.

The next target is Nestor Rourke (not to be confused with Nestor Pellegrini). Follow the pattern of interrogate and destroy.

After that, the trail leads to Paulie Biancardi, and a shootout in a cemetery. Classy stuff. At some point the funeral party will panic and run away en masse - try not to mow them down.

Return to The Man for more intel. The nearest informant for Luca's location is a guy called Eyeballs. Cute. He's in a very public place, so shoot first, ask questions quickly, and hightail it out of there.

You''ll want to get moving in any case, it's a long drive. Find Luca Gudi in the extreme northwest of the map. His hideout is right on a public road, but there's no nearby phones, so don't worry about witnesses. Use standard protocol, picking off outlying goons. Watch out for a sniper on the nearest large building- stay out of his eyeline when you start operations, and eventually you'll want to climb up that ladder on the far side of the building and take him out.

If there are any patrolling goons left, you can use his perch to gun them down too. Approach the warehouse proper and finish off Luca. Extra points for using the propane tank. Then another long drive back to Vito.

The final target is Dario Murtas. No need for interrogation, just head for his secret bayou compound, bristling with guns guards, and gators.

Come in from the north- the boat landing here is surprisingly unguarded. Jump the chain link fence, then move through the building on your right to get an angle on, and kill, the tower sniper. Always kill tower snipers.

You can thin out a few other guards here if you like, but when ready, go back to the fence, then move forward through the garages here, keeping to the left, which will eventually bring you undetected  to Murtas' shack.

Kill the outside guards, but even if you raise the alarm, Dario won't leave the shack- you have to go in after him. Shoot the gators first (it doesn't kill them, but does seem to distract them for a few moments), then swim over and put him down.

Return to Vito to finish the mission, and learn a little about Joe's fate after the end of Mafia 2.

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