Aya: Messages to the Nexus

Messages to the Nexus


In the Governor's Office, talk to Enroh Bossan (he's standing right next to Arbiter Ohmdall, who you had to speak to for the Laws and Customs task).

He'll ask you to gather up the Angaran's messages to your people and forward them to the Nexus. Do this by visiting the four terminals around the market (presumably the Angaran faith has harsh strictures against networking).

At each terminal, you can read the stored messages, then choose to forward them directly to the Nexus, or edit them first.

Hit all four terminals to complete the mission. There are no lingering effects, but you do get an email from Director Tann later. If you edited any of the messages he finds them unhelpful, and will pursue other data sources. If you sent him the unvarnished truth, he is grateful, and ready to approach a relationship with Aya seriously. Better than I expected of Tann, actually.

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