Aya: The Nexus Exchange

The Nexus Exchange

Location: Aya

You receive this quest from Ambassador Rialla, once the Nexus embassy on Aya is open. Three Anagarans are thinking about transferring to the Nexus, but want your personal input. Whether they agree to move or not doesn't seem to affect the mission reward or anything else.

The first is Yuraalt, in the museum. Answer him honestly that there will be risks, and he'll agree to come.

Next is Helruul, on a bench in the market. He's concerned about keeping in touch with family. Meet his emotional question with an emotional response to convince him.

Last is Saalro, who's repairing a shuttle at the docks- he wants a promise of employment. He doesn't exactly say 'no' if you can't make the guarantee, but he'll definitely transfer if you promise. Unlike Yuraalt, this does seem like a promise you can keep- Tann will likely give him any job he wants, and even he can't for some reason, surely Vetra, Kesh, or the Pathfinder can. Regardless of responses, the mission clooses after you've interviewed all three, giving a modest XP reward.

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